Proper Handling of Equipment

Much of the equipment in the Wireless Networking Systems Lab is very sensitive and it is important to observe any and all warnings. If you are not familiar with a piece of equipment ask for the help of someone who is or consult the instrument's documentation.


DO NOT use the USRP2 or USRP-N210 units in dual Ethernet mode with the MIMO cable! The USRPs are all set up to be on the same subnet and using the MIMO cable to connect two units on the same network segment will result in a switching loop. If you ever find that you have done this quickly disconnect the Ethernet cables going to the USRP units and inform your network admin that you have created a switching loop and that it has been removed.

If you feel that you must work with the MIMO cable and two USRPs which are both on the network then contact Jason Bonior (email: jdbonior21@…) or Mike Renfro (email: renfro@…) and we will assist you in making the necessary modifications or in finding a safer setup.

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