Monitoring monitoring page

Lots of things can be done here:

  • Backend tools like cacti, ganglia, graphite
  • Specialized network traffic monitoring tools like ntop
  • System outage monitoring with nagios, icinga, or similar
  • Network visualization with nagvis
  • Paging with sendpage, jabber, email to SMS gateways
  • Central logging with syslog-ng
  • Log anomaly reporting with logcheck

Puppet tricks

  • Having hosts and services automatically enroll themselves in nagios
  • Automatically configuring ganglia clusters
  • Is it possible to collect up the content of logcheck ignore directories from clients and have the central logcheck server automatically apply them? If not, can we
    • rsync all the logcheck directories from the nodes to directories on the puppetmaster,
    • unify the logcheck directories into one directory,
    • let the syslog server pull from this one directory?
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