Mail mail page

Not much about this at -- just a need to use SMTP and IMAP/POP.

May be worthwhile to set up a proper mail exchanger for each student's subdomain.

  • DNS records for MX
  • Setting up MTA (postfix, exim, whatever)
  • Delivering mail to users (either Maildir over NFS to the file server, or local spool)
  • Accessing mail via POP or IMAP (use either the Windows 7 VM, or a Linux one)
  • Webmail with roundcube, squirrelmail, Zimbra, or similar
  • Spam filtering with clamav, spamassassin, postgrey, etc.
  • Server side filtering with sieve
  • Mailman configuration for mailing lists

Ask Slashdot: Self-Hosted Gmail Alternatives?

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