Gold Server gold server page

This is about installing and configuring the basics of the configuration management server (running puppet, in our case).

I'm not sure if it makes more sense to move the Host Install Tools section before this or not. On the one hand, we want to move to automated OS installs as quickly as possible. On the other hand, we want to put things under puppet management (and version control) as quickly as possible.

We could do the pressed configuration manually (it's just one file on the PXE server, and one file on a website somewhere else) before we install the gold server, and then later ensure that the modified files are under Puppet control, testing the PXE server to ensure that no files get modified except when the puppetmaster has new ones.

Ultimately, we'd need two preseed files, and two menu entries in PXE:

  • One for the puppetmaster (may be a bare install with no additional puppet packages, since we probably should just run the puppetmaster bootstrap script after the initial login)
  • One for puppet clients (installs puppet packages, copies over new puppet.conf, and reboots. Needs key signing on puppetmaster)
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