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For Kerberos and AD, we'll need to ensure time synchronization first. So this is slightly out of order from's pages, that primarily relied on NIS.

Here's where we install a Windows Server 2008r2 system and set up an Active Directory domain. We use the hostname dc for the server by default. We have a 2008r2 ISO already loaded in a VMware datastore (worf02, maybe?).

It takes forever to install 2008r2 on a VM. Maybe we do other things while that's running.

Need to install puppet agent on the Windows server. Installing anything over the web is a pain until IE enhanced security is disabled. Maybe we make an ISO available somewhere with a copy of Google Chrome on it? Or is there a way of mapping the guests to a share with open read-only permissions?


  • Add extra DNS entries on student router. Doing this ahead of time may keep dcpromo from complaining that there's no AD-integrated DNS server that it can manipulate. This will also ensure that clients not using the Windows server for DNS will be able to join the domain normally. Edit dns-regen as shown, where dc is the name of the Windows server:
    # Put any CNAME or other non-address entries below
    _udp.% ns dc.% ~
    _tcp.% ns dc.% ~
    _msdcs.% ns dc.% ~
    _sites.% ns dc.% ~
    forestdnszones.% ns dc.% ~
    domaindnszones.% ns dc.% ~
  • We may have other issues with dcpromo making the Windows server use localhost (or the IPv6 equivalent) for its DNS.
  • Make an AD client on Windows 7.
  • Make an AD client on Debian with winbind and Kerberos.
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