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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#3 Kalman Filter Block component1 Variance-based Tracking task Nov 18, 2011


A Kalman filtering block is required for future projects involving moving target tracking.

background analysis

implementation recommendation

Begin with a basic implementation using GrBlock?.

#6 New NC-OFDM waveforms. component1 Variance-based Tracking enhancement May 9, 2012

bug description = Current waveform requires a larger sample rate than is viable for a larger scale experiment.

bug analysis = New NC-OFDM waveforms need to be created for lower sample rates. Support for multiple transmitters must also be considered.

fix recommendation = Create three overlapping NC-OFDM waveforms that can be simultaneously transmitted for multi-transmitter systems. Sample rate should be as close to the minimum allowable to allow for scaling up to more devices.

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