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  • Adding basic thesis content into thesis.tex and thesis-content folder.
  • Modifying thesis-manual-content/bibliography.tex to use \jobname instead of literal filename.
  • Moved thesis-manual.bib into thesis-manual-content folder.
  • No longer forcing 10pt font size in ttuthesis.cls.
  • Added copyrighted option to documentclass.
  • Automating front matter page creation: acknowledgments, copyright, and dedication pages only included when requested.
  • Replacing \renewcommands for committee membership with regular commands.
  • Fixing VP signature block to better fit 11pt and 12pt font sizes.
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2%%% Save this file as JOBNAME-packages-loaded-before-hyperref.sty, where
3%%% JOBNAME is the base filename for your main thesis/dissertation .tex
4%%% file.
7% Use this file to add packages that should be loaded *before* hyperref.
8% See [1-3] for a list of packages that have weird interactions with
9% hyperref, and should be loaded either before or after it. See [4-5] for
10% a list of packages that should be loaded in a particular order, but
11% don't necessarily involve hyperref.
13% [1]
14% [2]
15% [3]
16% [4]
17% [5]
19\usepackage{longtable,ltabptch} % For multi-page tables
20\usepackage{multirow} % For multi-row table cells
22\usepackage{graphicx} \graphicspath{{thesis-content/}}
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